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Backed by over a dozen patents, Eshylon's new Mobile Electrostatic Carrier (MESC) platform delivers unmatched ROI for thin wafer handling, fab repurposing and wafer thinning applications through extraordinary yield, versatility, cost and throughput.

Eshylon’s electrostatic carrier technology provides a mobile, rigid platform for handling challenging substrates in a production environment. Utilizing electrostatic forces, Eshylon carriers can bond to a target substrate for processing then release the substrate gently without the need for additional clean steps.

Unparalleled Benefits of Mobile Electrostatic Carriers

High Throughput

Room temperature bond/debond in seconds enables throughput for high volume manufacturing

Extraordinary Yield

Near perfect yields due to damage-free, delicate release


Eco-friendly with no intermediate layers, no adhesives and no extra clean steps necessary

Ultra Low Cost

Reusable carriers provides low total cost of ownership


Works across all wafer sizes and below 50 micron wafer thickness

"Ultra-thin wafers are the bottleneck for every serious emerging technology of the next five years. And we don't have a way to handle them to achieve the yields we need."

Semiconductor Industry Association

Eshylon technology solves complex handling problems across three mission-critical applications


Fab Repurpose (Multiple Size Substrates)

Traditional production tools are configured and optimized for standardized wafers ranging from 100mm to 300mm, and can only process one wafer size without significant costly upgrades. Eshylon MESCs overcome this limitation, enabling dramatic ROI through reuse of 300mm or 200mm tool sets for smaller substrates bonded to Eshylon carriers.


Reuse of any pre-existing toolset for small substrate handling

Available in identical form factor of all SEMI-specified silicon wafer sizes

Rapid & versatile conversion of existing capital equipment to new handling requirements

Thin Wafer Handling

With mobile devices forcing miniaturization of packaged ICs, device thickness must be reduced dramatically. Backside thinning of ultra-thin and delicate substrates presents serious wafer handling challenges that Eshylon solves. Good bye breakage, low yields and slow throughput.


Fast, high throughput processing with instant, delicate release

Variable bonding voltage to optimize bonding and release of thin or delicate 3/5 materials

High yields and extraordinarily versatile handling applications


Wafer Thinning and CMP

Traditionally, wafers are bonded to a handle carrier with chemical bonding agents or tapes for backside thinning. Both processes present release difficulties when the wafer it at its most valuable state. Eshylon’s MESCs are optimized for wafer thinning applications by providing flat, rigid platforms for backside wafer thinning and CMP de-stress. Once these processes are complete, the thin wafer can be easily removed in seconds. We add a final bonding surface that is slightly conformal for bonding bumped surfaces.


Tape & adhesive-free backside thinning

Instant, delicate release with no intermediate agents

Can handle convex, bumped and other complex surface requirements

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Eshylon is used by the leading semiconductor companies in the world to solve their complex, leading-edge wafer processing challenges. We can't name names, but you've heard of all of them, and we'd love to serve you, too.

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